Orange County CA – Supreme Tree Experts Orange County, one of the most successful providers of Tree maintenance services in California, is advising their customers about the importance of professional tree maintenance during dry and windy weather. 


Most people mistakenly believe that during the winter, when trees are dormant, that there is no real need to even consider tree maintenance, but the reality is that maintaining trees is a year-long process. When offering tree service in Orange County, the main issue is that it is easy for homeowners to neglect trees in the winter. However, because the trees are dormant, and comparatively speaking, the weather is a lot windier, the potential for a tree branch to snap, causing injury to people below is increased. 


A significant benefit of calling out a tree service in Orange County in the winter months is that it is much easier for them to see the physical aspects of the branches and the health of the tree itself. Because most trees have lost their leaves and have essentially gone into hibernation for the winter, it is the perfect time to undertake work. Additionally, because most people wrongly assume there is no need for tree maintenance during the winter, it tends to be much easier to book a tree surgeon, and it might even be less expensive. 


Supreme Tree Experts is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to providing professional and personalized tree service to Southern California residents since 1985.

They have cultivated their reputation on quality and dependable services, as many of their customers of over 35 years can attest. The dedication and care they provide to their client’s trees is indicative of the personalized care they can provide to their customers. They know their customers have made a significant investment for the future, so they keep their customers informed every step of the way, always putting the needs of the trees and their customers first. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

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