Raleigh NCTidy Titan Cleaners, one of the biggest and longest established house cleaning service companies in North Carolina, are bullish when it comes to the growth potential of their business in the short and long term.

Commentators and experts alike agree that the housing market in Raleigh is likely to continue to slow down in 2019, but confidence in the economy remains among consumers. House cleaning services are seen as a luxury by many homeowners, and competition is fierce, with the average cleaning company estimated to lose 55 percent of their customers annually thanks to poor customer service.

Tidy Titan Cleaners has bucked that trend, thanks in part to their focus on excellent customer service, for which they constantly receive positive reviews online. This is the main reason why the owners of Tidy Titan Cleaners is so confident about their future. They have established excellent working relationships with the vast majority of their clients, and as a consequence are regarded as one of the number one provider of house cleaning services in Raleigh.

“Although there is a lot of evidence to suggest that the latest housing boom is at an end, our customers are not concerned about their economic future,” said Paul Millsaps, owner and founder of Tidy Titan Cleaners. “Many of them have told us that they value our services, and would not want to be without us, and so we are not worried at all about a drop in demand. In fact, we are so confident about the future, that we are currently recruiting new members of staff, to cope with the demand.”

Tidy Titan Cleaners is a locally owned and operated house cleaning business located in Raleigh North Carolina. They hire excellent people and focus on incredible customer service. All of their cleaners have at least five years of cleaning experience and are paid at least $15 per hour. They have invested in a mobile app and instant booking to further enhance the customer experience. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at https://tidytitan.com/

Company Name:Tidy Titan Cleaners LLC
Contact Person:Paul Millsaps
Phone:+1 984-204-6423
Address:4357 Sugarbend Way
Country: USA
Website: https://tidytitan.com/