Pleasanton CA – Simplifaster, a leading online retailer of cutting-edge training equipment and technology, is delighted to announce that they have been chosen as a provider of Vmaxpro products in the United States.

Vmaxpro creates innovative and forward-thinking products using the latest technology to help coaches gain scientific and factual knowledge about an athlete’s technique, velocity, and performance. Their flagship product, the Vmaxpro VBT Tracker, includes a new option for Velocity Based Training (VBT) and barbell path tracking. It provides valuable, load-based data, including speed in all phases of a lift. The wireless sensor captures motion in three dimensions, with an accelerometer delivering key metrics such as power, velocity, distance, and duration. The system measures conventional lifts—clean, jerk, snatch, deadlift, squat, jump squat, and bench press—with the capacity to assess other motions and exercises as well, limited only by the imagination of the coach. The Vmaxpro is portable, durable, and intuitive.

The device helps a coach to obtain the right data to make informed decisions in training. This includes managing loading parameters, polishing technique, and individualizing training based on the range of scientifically validated measures offered by the Vmaxpro. Also available from Vmaxpro is a team or organization software license to organize multiple sensors and rosters, available in a subscription form. Vmaxpro also works with third party software, such as CoachMePlus and other leading vendors.

“The Vmaxpro is, in our opinion, ground breaking, and will help athletes and coaches dramatically improve their performance,” said Christopher Glaeser of Simplifaster. “When we were shown the products, we were blown away by their potential, and we wanted to stock them instantly. To be chosen as the exclusive U.S. retailer is the icing on the cake. Our only worry is being able to cope with the demand for these devices as we anticipate that they will fly off the virtual shelves, once coaches begin to understand everything that they offer.”

SimpliFaster is a commitment. To speed. To power. A commitment to better tools, better methods, and better technologies for developing explosive athletes. A commitment to a high-performance model spanning from sports rehab to elite competition, empowering coaches, trainers, and performance professionals to work towards a common goal. For more information about the company and the products they provide visit their website at

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