Lancaster PA: Sharp Innovations, one of the most forward-thinking and innovative digital marketing companies in Pennsylvania, is proud to announce that they have been actively involved in helping business owners develop a strategy to drive their business forward following the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The company has been working with many businesses across the state, particularly companies looking to get help developing a post-pandemic digital marketing strategy. With most bricks and mortar businesses being hit badly during the pandemic restrictions, the importance of a well-executed digital marketing strategy, online presence, and e-commerce solutions have never been more apparent. 


The company has been reaching out to as many business owners as possible and have recently announced the release of a video about their Web Design and Digital Marketing services. Business owners interested in utilizing their services can find Sharp Innovations, a local digital marketing company in Lancaster, PA, here on Google Maps


“Nobody saw the pandemic coming, or how it has and would change the business landscape,” said Joseph Sharp of Sharp Innovations. “An online presence and digital marketing strategy are critical to the success of every business, even those traditional brick and mortar type businesses. At Sharp Innovations, we are a local company committed to helping Pennsylvanian companies to not only succeed but to flourish as well. We can devise a bespoke digital marketing plan to help your business flourish post-pandemic. We still have some availability and look forward to helping as many businesses as possible.”


Based in Lancaster, PA, Sharp Innovations is a digital marketing agency & web design company that has successfully designed, built, and marketed hundreds of websites for a variety of industries. They have combined the full spectrum of industry services that clients won’t be able to find by just hiring an ad agency, graphic studio, digital marketing agency, or web design company. Serving local businesses in Lancaster County, York County, Chester County, and nationwide. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

Company Name:Sharp Innovations
Contact Person:Joseph Sharp
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