MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON D.C. – Serenity Psychotherapy Group, LLC, a cornerstone in the field of couples therapy and marriage counseling, is proud to provide specialized and transformative counseling services to couples throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Serenity is at the forefront of addressing complex relationship challenges, fostering communication, and rekindling intimacy between partners.

Dedicated to Strengthening Relationships

Since its inception, Serenity Psychotherapy Group, LLC has been committed to supporting couples through diverse challenges, including addiction support, work-life-family balance, blending families, navigating chronic illness, overcoming infidelity, and enhancing intimacy. “Reaching this milestone reflects our unwavering commitment to building healthier and happier relationships,” says Sarah Charmchi, Founder of Serenity Psychotherapy Group, LLC.

Empowering Couples with Professional Support

Our approach to couples therapy is rooted in believing that every relationship can thrive with the right support and interventions. “We tailor our methods to meet the unique needs of each couple, employing evidence-based strategies that encourage open communication and mutual understanding,” says Sarah Charmchi, Clinical Director.

With a team of highly trained clinicians, Serenity Psychotherapy Group, LLC has helped countless couples navigate their relationship’s complexities, equipping them with the skills to foster a more loving and supportive partnership. “Seeing couples transform their relationship from conflict to connection is our greatest achievement,” adds Sarah Charmchi.

A Future Focused on Flourishing Relationships

As Serenity Psychotherapy Group, LLC looks to the future, it remains dedicated to expanding its services and reaching more couples in need. “Our goal for the next decade is to continue evolving our practice, incorporating new therapies and techniques to serve our communities better in the DMV region,” states Sarah Charmchi.

Serenity offers a pathway to recovery and renewal for couples stuck in a cycle of arguments, drifting apart, or seeking to deepen their connection. Interested individuals are encouraged to seek a free consultation to explore how therapy can rejuvenate their relationship.

About Serenity Psychotherapy Group, LLC

Serenity Psychotherapy Group, LLC is a leading provider of couples therapy and marriage counseling in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Our mission is to help couples overcome challenges and build strong, healthy relationships through compassionate, personalized therapy services. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact:

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Empowering relationships, transforming lives.

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