Kensington, MD – December 2, 2023 – Serenity Psychotherapy, a leading provider of online therapy services, is proud to announce its expansion to offer telehealth therapy to Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. This expansion marks a significant milestone in Serenity Psychotherapy’s commitment to providing accessible and high-quality mental health support to individuals across these three states.

The demand for mental health services has never been greater, and Serenity Psychotherapy recognizes the need to make therapy convenient and accessible to all. With the introduction of telehealth therapy services, individuals in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland can now access professional therapy from the comfort of their own homes.

Serenity Psychotherapy has been a trusted source of therapeutic support for individuals in Washington DC, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Arlington, and Fairfax. With this expansion, the organization’s licensed therapists and counselors are ready to serve clients online in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. The online therapy platform offers a confidential and secure environment for one-on-one sessions, ensuring privacy and convenience.

“Our mission has always been to help individuals find healing and support for their mental and emotional well-being. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality therapy, regardless of their location,” says Sarah Charmchi, Counselor at Serenity Psychotherapy. “With the availability of our online telehealth therapy services, we can reach more people and make a positive impact on mental health across these three states.”

The expansion to telehealth therapy aligns with Serenity Psychotherapy’s core values of empathy, collaboration, and empowerment. Clients can expect the same personalized approach and evidence-based care that Serenity Psychotherapy is known for, now accessible to individuals in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

Serenity Psychotherapy invites individuals seeking mental health support to explore their services and book appointments through their user-friendly online platform. The organization’s team remains dedicated to helping clients navigate life’s challenges and achieve emotional and mental wellness.

For more information about Serenity Psychotherapy and their telehealth therapy services, please visit their website here.

About Serenity Psychotherapy:

Serenity Psychotherapy is a leading provider of online therapy services, serving clients in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. Their team of licensed therapists and counselors offers evidence-based care, personalized therapy, and a commitment to helping individuals achieve emotional and mental wellness. Serenity Psychotherapy is dedicated to making therapy convenient and accessible, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to find healing and support.

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