Redway CA – Sequoia Soil, a leading provider of high-quality soils based in Redway, California, is delighted to announce the release of their latest guide entitled – How To Put Nutrients Back Into The Soil. The company has been creating a series of in-depth guides using their knowledge and experience to help visitors to their site maximize the potential of their soil.

Their latest guide covers a topic that many people either ignore or fail to pay sufficient attention to, their soil’s ongoing health. Although people will happily pay a lot of money to purchase good quality soil initially, the reality is that over time nutrients will and with them, the yield that your plants produce will also drop.

The guide, which can be read free of charge on the company website, discusses how to determine your soil’s health, the importance of and how to choose a cover crop, to slow down and minimize erosion, and how to add organic matter successfully.

“As a company, we want to ensure that our customers not only purchase the best soil possible but that they understand how to maintain the quality of that soil for years to come,” said Kevin Murphy of Sequoia Soil.” This guide covers a topic that many people either ignore or have insufficient knowledge about, which then leads to frustration or disappointment. With this in-depth guide, we are confident that visitors to our site who read the guide and implement the advice will begin to see dramatic results.”

Sequoia Soil is a locally owned and operated company that has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Kevin and Kristy Murphy have been pioneering the bulk materials movement in Northern California for over 15 years. They have strategic partnerships with industry leaders to provide a truly unique service for customers. For more information on Sequoia Soil and bulk materials, visit Anyone interested can also follow them on Instagram @Sequoia_Soil where updates are regularly published about the new location. For more information about the company itself and the products they offer, visit their website at

Company Name:Sequoia Soil Company
Contact Person:Kevin Murphy
Phone:(707) 223-0127
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