Kirkland WARain City Maids, one of the largest and most successful house cleaning services companies in Seattle is delighted to announce that they are benefitting from the recently passed Domestic Worker Bill of Rights legislation. For most business owners, when new legislation is passed, there is normally extra paperwork required, complications, and changes which are detrimental to the business.

In contrast, business is booming for Rain City Maids, and with the new legislation, they are finding it much easier to retain staff. With demand for house cleaning services in Bellevue growing, the new legislation had created a level playing field, and for companies who do things by the book, such as Rain City Maids, their employees are no longer tempted to join other companies who might previously have offered alternative wage structures or other benefits.

Rain City Maids have always benefitted from positive reviews, and this is due to the extensive training the company provides to all of their staff. The owners of the company believe in excellent customer service, and this is another of the factors behind their success.

“Before the new legislation, we often had staff who were tempted into leaving for our competitors, only for them to return a few months later, but this was both expensive and frustrating,” said Ben Ferris of Rain City Maids. “We treat our employees with respect, but before the legislation, other companies could make certain promises in an attempt to entice our staff away. With the new legislation, our employees are now much more settled and are no longer tempted to switch jobs, which has worked out very well for us.”

Rain City Maids provides a consistent, high-quality cleaning experience. They offer whole home cleaning based on their standard checklist, as well as hourly service for custom cleaning. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

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