Scottsdale, AZ – Lawyers are often painted as the villain in court scenarios, be that divorce or personal injury cases, but Scottsdale lawyer, Robert A. Dodell, Adoption, Attorney at Law, has dedicated his life to bringing families back together.

Driven by compassion, Robert focuses all of his energies and legal expertise on giving children a brighter future, with members of their own family. Robert is not a typical attorney, and his work is not that of a typical adoption lawyer either. This is because Robert A Dodell, Adoption Lawyer concentrates in cases where a grandparent needs to adopt a grandchild, or perhaps an aunt or uncle needs to adopt another family member.

Life happens, and unfortunately, when potential clients visit the Robert Dodell Law Office for the first time, it is because their situation is dire. Perhaps the parents of the child have passed away in a motor vehicle accident or in any other number of tragic circumstances, and the family is pulling together to find the best solution. They need legal advice on how to proceed, but they also need compassion and understanding, and most importantly of all someone who cares.

“In my opinion, I have the best job in the world,” said Robert A. Dodell. “Although initially, when I first meet my clients, the real-life stories of these children can be heart-breaking, I have the opportunity to deliver the best outcome for them and their families. It is one of the best feelings in the world, walking out of court with a family who has legally adopted a child and knows that the legal future of the child is no longer cause for concern. In my opinion, this is the best type of case and is what drives me. Helping families navigate the complexities of the adoption process might not be as high profile,, but these cases are just as empowering and life-changing. I love coming to work every day, and trying to help as many children and families as possible.”

Robert A. Dodell is an attorney that provides the personal touch. He offers personal legal services in the areas of Criminal Defense, DUI, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Defense, Juvenile Dependencies, and Adoption. Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law, is the law firm that is dedicated to you and your case.

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