El Paso, TX – October 25, 2023 – Scherr Law, a respected El Paso, TX law firm whose practice is focused on wrongful death personal injury cases, proudly announces its role as a prominent advocate for FedEx truck accident victims. Led by Attorney Jim Scherr with over 47 years of legal experience and hundreds of personal injury jury trials, the firm takes a determined and methodical approach to trucking accidents, aiming to unveil the details establishing liability for injuries and damages, fighting tirelessly for the rightful compensation and justice that clients deserve.

FedEx paid Jim Scherr’s clients $370 million on 1 collision resulting in wrongful death claims caused by FedEx’s unsafe practices. Scherr Law is at the forefront of holding FedEx accountable for unsafe practices causing many tragic deaths and injuries.

“Scherr Law is dedicated to ensuring that those impacted by FedEx truck accidents receive the respect, help, and justice they deserve. We stand strong to guide client’s cases through the legal process and use our knowledge, experience, and resources to protect their legal rights,” Attorney Jim Scherr, founder of Scherr Law

Safer Roads Through Advocacy: Scherr Law’s Commitment Beyond Representation

Scherr Law’s commitment transcends legal representation. The firm is resolute in advocating for safer roads and increased accountability within the trucking industry. Collaborating with experts, safety organizations, and regulatory bodies, Scherr Law shines a spotlight on safety concerns and advocates for positive change. By holding FedEx and others accountable and raising awareness, the firm contributes to reducing the frequency of trucking accidents and preserving lives on the road.

Expertise in the Field: Navigating the Complexities of FedEx Truck Accidents

Handling FedEx truck accident cases requires expertise, and Scherr Law stands as a beacon of knowledge and experience in this arena. With over 47 years of his own personal legal experience and a proven track record with over 300 jury trials on behalf of Plaintiffs, Attorney Jim Scherr truly leads the charge as a seasoned professional in the field   Attorney Scherr’s prowess is underscored by this distinction.

Moreover, Attorney Jim Scherr uses experience, knowledge, and research to challenge medical opinions offered by defendants who try to minimize victim injuries by using doctors without doctor-patient relationships and who have no responsibility to the victims on whom they give opinions. This strategic approach comes from the development of comprehensive plans to hold liable parties accountable for the damages victims suffer, fighting to ensure justice is served.

This dedication to expertise and accountability is exemplified by the landmark judgment that Attorney Jim Scherr led the way to secure against FedEx. In a historic case, FedEx was compelled to pay $370 million for 1 collision involving wrongful death claims resulting from FedEx’s unsafe practices. This landmark judgment reinforces Scherr Law’s commitment to navigating the complexities of FedEx truck accident cases while championing justice and safety on the roads.

Advocating for Positive Outcomes: Scherr Law’s Proven Record

Scherr Law’s dedication is what you want in legal representation, as evidenced by a record of successful jury verdicts, settlements, and appellate rulings. When tragedy strikes due to a FedEx truck accident, Scherr Law is equipped with the expertise and determination to navigate the legal landscape and fight for justice.

About Scherr Law Firm:

Scherr Law, based in El Paso, TX, is a respected law firm handling Wrongful death and personal injury cases stemming from FedEx truck accidents. Founded by Attorney Jim Scherr, a seasoned professional with a track record of success, the firm is committed to providing legal guidance, trying jury trials or securing fair settlements, and advocating for safer roads through quality legal representation.

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