Gastonia, NC – Scherr Law, a renowned legal firm dedicated to representing victims of commercial truck accidents, expresses its deepest condolences to the family and friends of 83-year-old Kay Andrews, who tragically lost her life when she was struck by a FedEx truck on Tuesday afternoon in Gastonia.

The Gastonia Police Department is currently investigating this heartbreaking incident that unfolded on Brownstone Court. Kay Andrews, a beloved member of the Gastonia community, was hit by a FedEx truck around 4 p.m. The accident resulted in her being transported to CaroMont Regional Hospital, where she was pronounced deceased.

While the 38-year-old FedEx truck driver, who has not been publicly identified, did not report any injuries, the circumstances surrounding this incident remain under investigation. The Gastonia Police Department is diligently working to determine the factors that led to this tragic collision.

Scherr Law, under the leadership of Jim Scherr, acknowledges the complexity of commercial accidents and the profound impact they have on victims and their families. In cases like these, it is imperative to conduct an independent investigation promptly to safeguard the rights of the victim. Commercial accidents often involve intricate factors, and a skilled attorney is essential to protect victims’ rights.

Jim Scherr, the firm’s founder, stated, “Our thoughts are with the family of Kay Andrews during this incredibly difficult time. The loss of a loved one in such a tragic manner is heartbreaking. We understand the emotional and financial toll such incidents take on the families left behind. Scherr Law is committed to advocating for justice and safety in the aftermath of this unfortunate event.”

Scherr Law stands ready to support the family of Kay Andrews and all those affected by this tragic accident. The firm is committed to pursuing justice on behalf of accident victims and ensuring that safety measures are upheld in the trucking industry.

As the investigation continues, Scherr Law will closely monitor developments in this case and offer its expertise to assist the Andrews family and the authorities in their pursuit of justice.

The Legal Team at Scherr Law Stands by Your Side in the Aftermath of Big Truck Accidents

In the unfortunate event of a collision with a tractor-trailer, seeking fair compensation becomes paramount. Jim Scherr’s legal expertise has resulted in the successful recovery of over $370 million in judgments against FedEx and has secured compensation for numerous clients who endured losses due to hazardous commercial truck incidents. Scherr Law has solidified its position as a leading advocate, tirelessly working to hold FedEx accountable for practices that have tragically led to severe injuries and loss of lives.

If you or a cherished family member is grappling with the aftermath of a tragic, catastrophic, or wrongful death accident involving a tractor-trailer or a FedEx vehicle, do not hesitate to reach out to the dedicated attorneys at James Scherr Law. We offer a complimentary consultation to guide you through your legal options. Contact us today at 1.855.SUE.FEDX.

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