Santa Monica CA – The Santa Monica Center For Oral Surgery And Dental Implants is today delighted to announce that due to increased demand, they are now accepting customers from Marina Del Ray.

Previously their main area of focus and the area where all of their clients came from was within Santa Monica. However, as the business has continued to grow and flourish, the owners of the business identified an increased number of inquiries from Marina Del Ray. As a business, the Santa Monica Center For Oral Surgery and Dental Implants receives about 80 percent of its new clients as a direct result of personal recommendation.

With this in mind, and in order to continue their recent strong growth, a decision was made to expand the service area for their Oral Surgery procedures and to target Marina Del Ray as the primary city to target.

“As a business, we are currently benefitting from a strong period of growth, which we want to sustain and if possible increase,” said Dr. Howard Park of the Santa Monica Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants. “According to our research and analysis, there is a significant demand for high-quality dental work in and around Marina Del Ray, which is why we have chosen that as our next expansion area. We look forward to bringing as many new smiles as possible to the people of Marina Del Ray.”

Santa Monica Center For Oral Surgery And Dental Implants is a locally owned and operated business, based in Santa Monica. Patients suffering from missing teeth or those who are about to lose a tooth can benefit greatly from the companies innovative ‘Minimally Invasive Immediate Implant Procedures.’ Often times their unique technique allows the patients to leave their office with a temporary tooth or teeth, which are aesthetic and comfortable to wear. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

Company Name:Santa Monica Center For Oral Surgery And Dental Implants
Contact Person:Dr. Howard Park
Phone:(310) 315-1034
Address:2020 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 530
City:Santa Monica