Santa Monica, CA – Dr. Jason Giles, an experienced doctor, who in the past, struggled with a substance habit, is today proud to announce the release of his VHAB app, which has been designed to help people change their habits.

Although there are many options available to addicts, nearly all of them involve approaching someone and being open and honest about your problem. This is a barrier which many people struggle to breach, and as a consequence, they remain trapped in the circle of addiction. With this new app, the only person an addict, has to be honest with is themselves.

The app works by helping people to honestly keep track of their habits and ensures accountability with an online community who are all working with similar issues. By keeping track of daily habits, everyone can get a clearer sense of the role that substances play in their lives. Unfortunately, there is a lot of shame and stigma surrounding the use of chemicals, particularly when trying to manage feelings. Dr. Giles is determined to help as many people as possible change that stigma and help communities across the world realize that drug and alcohol use are habits, not a disease.

“As a doctor but also someone who has dealt with a substance habit, I have seen both sides of the situation, and as a consequence, this is something that I am very passionate about,” said Dr. Jason Giles. I know that many people struggle with the shame and embarrassment of admitting their problems, which is why I was determined to come up with an alternative solution. With virtually everyone in the modern world now owning a smartphone, I felt that launching a mobile app would be the perfect option to reach as many people as possible. I am excited about this app’s potential and hope that it helps as many people as possible.

VHAB is a mobile phone app and program designed to help people who have substance habits. Until now, and unless an individual was facing a real catastrophe, treatment for substance habits was limited to those who could afford both the cost and the time away from work. VHAB is designed to offer the best in addiction and habit change information, coupled with a private social group, and a check-in system that helps clients see their own progress for an absurdly low price subscription. For more information about the program visit their website at

Company Name:VHAB Inc
Contact Person:Dr. Jason Giles
Phone:(323) 657-3747
Address:100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700
City:Santa Monica