San Francisco CA – John Ferraro, recognized by many people as the best personal trainer in San Francisco, is today warning people that 2020 is likely to be the hardest year ever to get into shape. John Head Coach of Fast Pace Personal Training has always been an analytical thinker, a skill which he uses to great effect when devising training programs for his clients. Taking all the factors into account, he is backing up the reasons for his concerns with facts and information.

Since 2010, more people than ever have been dying as a result of overeating the wrong foods. It will come as no surprise to learn that more people are dying from overeating and not taking care of themselves than those who die of malnutrition. Although the United States economy is currently booming, this simply presents more opportunities for the large food industries to capitalize by mass-producing unhealthy food, which is consumed by an ever-increasing percentage of the population.

Some of the food being produced today is actually chemically engineered to increase the likelihood of people becoming addicted to that type of food. This speeds up the process of people eating more food than they need, and the wrong kind of food for a healthy diet.

A lot of the personal trainers in SF are noticing that as the pace of life speeds up, people are busier than ever, leading to a dramatic increase in the consumption of convenience foods. Unfortunately, it is this lifestyle, and choice of foods, that is slowly killing people.

With the growth of the internet, there is more nutritional information available than ever before, but many of these articles can be contradictory, leading to confusion amongst those people who are trying to educate themselves.

When Fast Pace Personal Training was launched, John wanted to tackle this situation head-on, using a holistic approach. His team of San Francisco personal trainers developed a plan which was designed not to overlook any part of a person’s life. This then ensured they stayed on track. Just missing one piece of the jigsaw puzzle can have a considerable impact on the overall success of their personal training program.

“We teach people to eat the foods they love without sabotaging results and train a way that fits into the busy life that they enjoy,” said John Ferraro Head Coach of Fast Pace Personal Training. “Consistency is the key to fitness; we create consistency by adapting our programs to each individual in each aspect. This creates simple and enjoyable eating and training making this a lifestyle rather than a plan.”

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