San Antonio TXHeartwood Seniors Assisted Living, an innovative and forward-thinking San Antonio assisted living provider, is today pleased to announce the launch of their affordable senior care plan.

The owners (Michelle G.) of Heartwood Seniors Assisted Living have many years of experience within the industry and are focused on providing the best provision for their clients. Many care home providers focus on maximizing the number of patients, but Heartwood Seniors wanted to provide a much more personal service for their clients.

In their opinion, the maximum number of clients under their care should be limited to six people. This is because a smaller property is much more efficient to run, the staff can form closer bonds and relationships, with the clients, which in turn delivers a better standard of care at a more affordable price for the clients. This makes for luxury senior living at an affordable senior care rate.

Although the premises are smaller, this does not in any way impact on the number of services at Heartwood. As with every aspect of the company, the focus is on providing the best level of care possible, and so they have invested in high-quality equipment, along with regular training for their staff to ensure they are aware of all of the latest industry developments.

“We are totally focused and committed to providing the best possible service to our clients,” said Michelle, a spokesperson for Heartwood Seniors Assisted Living. “We are forward thinking with every aspect of our business, we even are active on social media, regularly posting on our facebook page. We want friends and relatives of the people in our care to be confident that their loved ones are receiving the best care and attention possible, and all of our staff are committed to this concept. We also want to keep the cost to the client as small as possible, which is why we are launching our new Affordable Senior Care Plan. We are convinced that it will be very popular, and our only regret is that we cannot bring it to more people.”

Heartwood Seniors Assisted Living is a locally owned and operated company based in San Antonio Texas. The company strives to provide a comfortable, family-like atmosphere with exceptional care. Their home has been tailored to enable seniors to enjoy the retirement lifestyle they have worked so hard for. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

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