RomaniaAlessandro Design, a revolutionary and modern interior web-design company, is delighted to announce the exponential growth of their company over the last couple of years thanks to their revolutionary designs and their embracement of technology to enhance space and brighten even the darkest, most compact of spaces. This has been achieved partly by including and incorporating LED lights into many of their designs. LED lights deliver outstanding brightness and are economical to run, with the bulbs lasting many years compared to traditional lighting. 

“Lighting, in our opinion, is a critical component of every aspect of interior design but one that is often overlooked by customers and designers alike,” said a spokesperson for Alessandro Design. “We have always focused on putting lighting at the front and center of all our designs and even more so when LED lighting technology evolved. Although our company has grown exponentially due to our designs, the feedback we receive consistently mentions the amazing and eye-catching lighting, which invariably is down to the LED lighting we use. Everyone at the company is really excited at the direction LED lighting is going, and we will continue to embrace LED lighting in all of our designs.” 

Alessandro Design is a family-owned and operated interior design business based in Voluntari, Romania. The company has developed a reputation for its innovative and original designs that enhance the look of any property and exaggerate the space by clever use of lighting. The company differentiates itself from its competitors through unique design, advanced technology, and attention to detail. In conjunction with a competitive pricing structure, it has rapidly established itself as one of Romania’s leading interior design companies. For more information about the company and the services it provides, please visit the website at

Company Name:Alessandro Design
Phone:0723 029 676
Address:Bulevardul Voluntari 108bis, Voluntari