Redway CA – The Sequoia Soil Company, a leading producer of high-quality soil-based in Redway, California, is proud to announce the release of its latest guide. The new guide is entitled Advantages of Organic Farming: Organic Practices, and discusses the different types of Organic Soil.

The Sequoia soil guide to organic farming’s advantages is an in-depth and informative article detailing the many benefits of organic farming. Many consumers mistakenly believe that organic farming simply delivers nutritious and delicious foods, but the reality is that things it entails significantly more than that. For instance, Organic agriculture also takes into consideration a farm’s biodiversity, ecosystem health, and the soil’s biological activity, so it is a much more holistic approach than many people realize.

“There is a multitude of reasons and numerous benefits that organic farming delivers,” said Kevin Murphy of the Sequoia Soil Company, but for whatever reason, that vast majority of people are unaware of most of them. “Everyone at the Sequoia Soil Company is passionate about Organic Farming, and so we wanted to create a guide to highlight many of the benefits and educate a wider audience. We felt that this was the perfect time to release the guide when people are paying more attention to their health, thanks to the global pandemic. We hope that it is widely read and that more and more people begin to appreciate the benefits of Organic Farming fully.”

Sequoia Soil is a locally owned and operated company which has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Kevin and Kristy Murphy have been pioneering the bulk materials movement in Northern California for over 15years. They have strategic partnerships with industry leaders to provide a truly unique service for customers. For more information on Sequoia Soils, bulk materials, visit Anyone interested can also follow them on Instagram @Sequoia_Soil where updates are regularly published about the new location. For more information about the company itself and the products they offer, visit their website at

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