Redbox+ is now providing dumpster rental in Southwest Las Vegas. Redbox+, America’s top dumpster rental service, is pleased to announce that it will be opening up a new branch in Southwest Las Vegas. The new location will provide residents with dumpsters and containers for everything from construction debris to yard waste disposal. Residents will also have access to the company’s wide range of recycling services as well as their convenient online ordering system. As an environmentally-focused company, Redbox+ has always taken its responsibility seriously by providing green solutions for waste management and recycling programs to both residential and commercial customers.

Redbox+ is a dumpster rental in Southwest Las Vegas that embodies the spirit of Las Vegas great customer service and affordable rates, with quality results. Dumpster rental in Southwest Las Vegas has never been better than it is now with the introduction of Redbox+.

Dumpster rental has become a necessity in most industries, and the good news is that there are companies like Redbox+ to take care of it for you. With their top-notch dumpster service, they can ensure businesses will never have to deal with pests and rodents again!

In a perfect world, dumpster rental is something that you never have to worry about. But in the real world, these metal bins are an unavoidable necessity for many businesses. And unfortunately, they come with some downsides including attracting rodents and pests like moths to a flame! That’s why it can be such a relief knowing there now exists America’s top-rated dumpster service, Redbox+. With this dependable solution at their disposal, any business owner can rest assured their company will always stay rodent-free and pest-free  no matter what time or day of the week!

The new dumpster rental in Southwest Las Vegas, Redbox+ Dumpster Rental is located in Southwest Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV United States. For inquiries, contact them at (702) 935-6065 or visit their website at


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