Budapest HungaryPub Crawl Budapest the longest running Ruin Bar Tour in Budapest is delighted to announce that the popularity of their events continues to grow rapidly. The original events began back in 2007 and the events have now become legendary among European revellers.

Whether by word on mouth on online reviews, people simply cannot stop talking about the wonderful evenings they have had as part of their trip to Budapest. In fact on Trip Advisor, the experience grates as number 14 out of 293 for nightlife events in Budapest. It has 550 reviews and scores 4.5 on average.

“When people come to Budapest, they inevitably want to party, and have a fantastic experience,” said a spokesperson for Pub Crawl Budapest. “We work really hard to ensure that the event remains fresh and exciting regardless of how many times someone has taken part. We are delighted with the response to our wonderful tours, and we have noticed a significant increase in the number of inquiries and bookings taking place. We look forward to continuing to grow and develop the program, and look forward to welcoming many more people to our beautiful city in the future.”

Pub Crawl Budapest is the longest running, ruin bar tour in Budapest. The experience was designed and is run by local business owners who understand the essence and vibe that is unique to Budapest. The pub crawl entails a tour of the most authentic ruin bars, with participants getting a free welcome shot at each bar, VIP entry to each bar and lots of other fun and enjoyable experiences throughout the tour. For more information about the company, and to book your special event, visit their website at

Company Name:Pub Crawl Budapest
Contact Person:Pub Crawl Budapest
Phone:+3670 771 1775
Address:Oktogon 1.

Pub Crawl Budapest