Bellhop is opening a new office in Portland to help provide faster, more efficient customer services to Bellhop’s large number of customers.

Bellhop is a professional moving company in Portland that offers customized and personalized services. Unlike any other mover in the area, the team will ensure you get the help you need to make your move as seamless as possible. They are devoted to providing a lift when it’s needed most – be it packing supplies or just some extra hands to carry heavy items around.

With years of experience in the industry, knowing how important every detail is when making a move – from finding storage solutions to getting rid of unwanted furniture pieces. The goal at Bellhop is simple: to provide hassle-free moves for customers by offering them an incredible customer experience. Bellhop’s new office in Portland will help the team better serve their customers and provide Bellhop with opportunities for growth as a company.

While Bellhop does have set pricing packages, they are flexible and ready to adapt their services accordingly to meet customer needs – whether that means packing or unpacking belongings, helping with furniture assembly, or even just providing some additional equipment like moving boxes or tape, Bellhop is always there for you!

The Bellhop crew also provides storage solutions for their customers on a month-to-month basis in three different locations in Portland – this way customers can get Bellhop’s moving services whenever they need them, whether it’s to help move their things from one side of town to the other or just getting rid of excess furniture. Bellhop is Portland’s best option if customers looking for a hassle-free move with personalized customer service. Bellhop is ready to provide its customers in Portland with the lift that they need when it comes to making a move.

Bellhop offers customized moving services that are tailored to customer’s needs and budget. Unlike any other company, people in Portland, OR can get the perfect move with Bellhop’s personalized approach. They’ll never have a bad experience with their movers as they’re all happy to work hard for your satisfaction. These friendly movers will take care of everything from taking apart furniture to loading it into trucks or helping with projects around the home—such as furniture rearranging, garage re-organization, and home staging

Bellhop’s mission is to make moving as simple, affordable, and enjoyable as possible. They are a business that values customer service above all else so customers can trust them to take great care of their belongings while delivering the best Portland moving experience possible.

Bellhop is located at 1648 SE Tenino St. Portland, Oregon US. For inquiries, contact their team via phone at (503) 894-5260 or visit  for additional information.


Company Name:Bellhop
Contact Person:Kara
Phone:(503) 894-5260
Address: 1648 SE Tenino St.
Country:United States