— The Ferguson Law Firm, a specialist in representing clients with a personal injury, is delighted to announce that they have published an in-depth educational article highlighting the importance of fitting and using a dashcam when driving in Arizona. The company has been dealing with an increasing number of cases where dashcam evidence could have proved critical in assessing the case, but unfortunately, many drivers do not feel the need to invest in a dashcam.

The problem is that there is rarely an admission of guilt in many car accidents, and in some instances, the physical evidence present at the scene may not provide sufficient proof either way. This could easily be alleviated by having a dashcam fitted in the vehicle. A dashcam is a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment that has the potential to save the driver or their insurance company thousands of dollars on potential damages if the accident was not their fault.

The guide, which is freely available on the company website, details several other important factors that many people may not have considered. The aim is to inform and educate as many people as possible in the hope that they will then have the necessary protection should the worst happen.

“We are driven by a determination to ensure our clients receive the justice they deserve and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that if they are unfortunate enough to be involved in a personal injury accident that they know the procedures to follow to maximize the likelihood of a successful result at court,” said Jason Ferguson, owner and founder of The Ferguson Law Firm.” “We decided that as the importance of dashcam evidence increases, it was our duty to create an article highlighting the reasons why people should invest in one for themselves and their families. We are confident that once someone reads the article, they will invest in a dashcam within a matter of days, which in our opinion would be a very sensible decision.”

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