— Luke Infinger, Co-Founder, and CEO at HIP, a specialist orthodontic digital marketing company, is delighted to announce the launch of his first book of the paradigm-shifting Orthodontic Practice Growth Series. The book details many of the tactics that HIP has utilized to help Orthodontic companies across the country transform their bottom line.

The sad truth is that most orthodontic offices miss four to five calls from leads looking to start treatment every single day. Why? Because the front desk is the most important AND most overlooked position in any practice. And as shocking as it might seem, just one missed call a day could be costing a practice over $1,000,000.00 a year! It is no surprise that some of the fastest-growing orthodontists are those that have employed the services of Luke and the team at HIP. With their innovative and revolutionary training covering every aspect of the Orthodontist Niche, such as investing in hiring, training, and a healthy office culture, HIP consistently delivers results for their clients month after month.

The book covers many of the strategies that HIP implements with their clients, including

  • The must-have attributes of a multiple 7 & 8-figure front desk team
  • Processes and procedures that will keep your schedule coordinator always turning leads into new patients
  • Essential scripts that screen for quality, schedule consultations, and reduce no-shows
  • How to use tempo and tone to break down resistance and increase conversion
  • Their signature “Speed to Lead” process that results in 100% more bookings

The strategies contained within the book are proven to work, as evidenced by the many positive pieces of feedback the company has received.

“HIP’s automated follow-up actually turns our leads into patients. They’re incredibly professional, and the ROI is truly through the roof. If we’d only been half as successful, I’d have been happy — being where we are, I’m ecstatic!”

Dr. Keith Dressler, Dressler Orthodontics

HIP Partner Since 2019

“I am very excited about the launch of this book, which has been a labor of love,” said Luke Infinger, Co-Founder, and CEO and HIP. “I have pulled back the curtain and put everything I know into the book with the hope that it will open the eyes of Orthodontic practice owners. I know that if Owners purchase this book and put the strategies into practice, they will be able to grow their business exponentially.”

Luke Infinger co-founded HIP Creative with Justin Hual in 2014. Their Patient Acquisition and Retention Framework™ has been helping orthodontists multiply their revenue while focusing on what they do best. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit its website at https://hip.agency.

Company Name:HIP Creative Inc
Contact Person:Luke Infinger
Address:301 N Barcelona St
Country:United States