Toronto ON – Ontario Cash ( a Canada based provider of online financing solutions is delighted to announce that they have recently begun to offer online loans in Canada. The popular loan solution has already proved to be very popular in other regions of the country where it has already launched and the owners of the company are confident that the residents of Canada will be equally as enthusiastic.

The concept behind offering online loans is that Ontario Cash can provide their customers with a simple solution to finding a loan, and the entire process can be completed online without the need for a visit to a bricks and mortar office. For many people, particularly those who perhaps do not have a strong credit rating, the ability to be able to apply for a loan from the comfort and privacy of their own home is very appealing. There is no worry about being embarrassed, or fear of rejection, which for some people can prevent them from applying for a loan in the first place.

“Many of our customers have had previous issues with their credit score, but have now resolved the majority of their problems, and might need a simple loan to tidy up their financial health,” said Vincent Ducos of Ontario Cash. “With our online loan process, we have helped many people resolve their financial situation, and we regularly receive thank you letters or recommendations from previous customers. We are excited to launch in Canada, and look forward to helping many more people.” is an excellent source for online financing, and is a simple, secure, and convenient partner to help customers get a loan from a direct lender solution. At Ontario Cash they strive to be a trusted partner when searching for a financial solution. Their multiple online services can help clients get a loan from $100 to $1,000, all from the comfort of their home, mobile device, or office. They strive to help people in multiple financing situations and understand their need for quick access to the funds. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

Company Name:Ontario Cash
Contact Person:Vincent Ducos
Phone:+1 (647) 699-2583
Address:3220 Yonge St #223
State:ON M4N 2L3