— Joel Siegal of Oakland Law Firm Siegal & Richardson LLP is changing the way in which the company markets its services and believes that legal marketing has changed forever. For years legal companies relied entirely on their reputation and word of mouth referrals. While there is still a place for personal recommendations, the internet has changed everything.

Potential clients in virtually every industry utilize the internet to research and select the company or service they wish to use, which is why it is critical for a company to have a positive online presence. This can be supported by positive reviews from satisfied customers, which is a modern-day twist on traditional word-of-mouth advertising.

Joel Siegal was being interviewed by Case Engine, the leading digital marketing company that specializes in working with legal firms. Joel told Case Engine, “I’ve been a lawyer for 35 years, so I have some word of mouth reputation, but it’s always helpful to have good reviews” Joel is hugely passionate about the work he does, which is why he is determined to gain access to as many potential victims as possible. When questioned about the type of law he and his company practices, he said, “we represent students who have been discriminated against at school, on Title VI cases, or Title IX cases, hostile environments in universities, or even high schools, about sexual harassment, or race, or sexual orientation discrimination in schools. That’s what we do; we represent people who are having issues with their institutions. For the most part, we don’t represent institutions. For the most part, we represent people.”

Siegal & Richardson has a team of experienced personal injury attorneys who are ready to help victims who have been seriously injured in an automobile accident and need an auto accident attorney. They also specialize in helping victims of burn injuries, defective products, construction site accidents, discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace, and more. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at https://siegalrichardsonlaw.com

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