Salt Lake City UT – Olympus Healing Centre, one of the fastest growing mental healing and addiction recovery providers is delighted to announce the opening of a new clinic in Salt Lake City.

Stress, depression and substance abuse threatens the well-being of millions of Americans each day. Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached for asking for help even in these trying times.  Now, it is the hope of the Olympus Healing Center (OHC) to provide a welcoming and unique place to support individuals on their journey to mental healing and addiction recovery.  Although it can seem overwhelming to tackle mental and physical illness, the path can be liberating. To that end, the OHC offers the following invitation: Come as you are. Leave as you want to be.

Olympus Healing Center serves clients on the brink of losing control of their lives to addiction and mental illness by offering a wide variety of treatment options ranging from traditional outpatient programs including an Outpatient Program, PHP and the ability to create weekly programs to meet the needs of busy individuals. OHC specializes in serving veterans, first responders and those involved in the criminal justice system.  The goal is to provide the most advanced wellness and healing approaches/techniques to educate clients on the importance of both mental and physical health.

Olympus Healing Center provides comprehensive services which promote optimal wellness and enhance the quality of life. Their experienced team of professionals develop a healing and treatment plan unique to each individual. Their approach is a blend of traditional, clinical, holistic and alternative methods with evidence-based practices to restore clients to full health.  From a full medical exam and blood work, to meridian readings, brain painting, and addressing macronutrient needs, OHC offers the most in depth look at an individual’s overall health. OHC’s method is delivered by a highly trained clinical team which includes medical doctors, nutritionists, Masters level clinicians and holistic life coaching.

The OHC staff invites you to join them for their ribbon cutting ceremony this Friday at 9:30 a.m. at their offices in Millcreek, Utah.  For the address and more information about the center, please visit their website at


Company Name:Olympus Healing Center
Contact Person: Shawn Fost
Phone:+1. 385.500.3300
City:Salt Lake City