Jeff Harris, founder of the construction dumpster rental company White Line Waste has plans to compete again on the American Ninja Warrior in 2020.

The obstacle course reality television series produced by NBC each year is in it’s 12th season.   So far in the history of the show only 2 “ninjas” have ever successfully completed the course and won the million dollar prize.

Last Season Jeff completed the first stage of the obstacle course, known at the city qualifier, in Oklahoma City, successfully hitting the red buzzer for the first time.  Jeff made it far enough in the second stage, known as the City Finals, to qualify for the National Finals held in Las Vegas.

Since his first attempt in 2018 in the Dallas City Qualifiers, Jeff has competed under the alias “Waste Warrior.”

The name has resonated with viewers across the country.  The Waste Warrior was featured promoting recycling in the opening scenes of the 2019 Oklahoma City Finals Episode.  He can be seen in his 70’s apparel including short shorts, tube socks, and red white and blue sweatband telling kids that “littering is for loosers.”  Jeff is committed to the 70’s look year round with his iconic handlebar mustache and thick sideburns.

Waste Warrior Jeff loves to talk about the importance of recycling and enjoys presenting to school age children who enjoy his sense of humor and his approach to improving the planet.

The Waste Warrior trains at Flipside, a local obstacle course gym otherwise referred to as a “ninja gym.”  Flipside staff have gone out of there way to support the Waste Warrior, offering specialized training. Flipside’s owner, Caleb Benson, can be seen cheering outrageously on the sidelines in both Oklahoma and Las Vegas.

Each year, competitors must complete a lengthy application and submit a 2-3 minute video highlighting their athletic abilities, personality, and any updates on their training regime in order to be accepted to the next season.

Jeff’s recently submitted submission video for Season 12 ends with the Waste Warrior saying: “American Ninja Warrior has given me the opportunity to promote two things I absolutely love: recycling and fitness.  I’m going to inspire a new generation of the toughest, fittest, recylcing-ist ninja’s on the planet; and we’re going to save the world!”

Company Name:Whiteline Waste