Ohio Property Squad LLC recently announced that owner and now published author Thomas J. Few Sr., based in Pickerington Ohio, has released their debut book to assist people with overcoming credit obstacles to reach the dream of home ownership. The author, Thomas J. Few Sr., wrote this book with the goal of helping those who often feel that home ownership is unobtainable. He wants to show people that the path to get there is actually more realistic than they think.  The goal is to make home ownership the norm, not the exception, for all. Through the author’s 20 years of financial service experience he has seen it all when it comes to credit.  He wants people who have made previous credit mistakes to understand that your credit profile is just a snapshot of what your financial history looks like today. It is made up of fluid data that changes regularly. Just because your profile does not meet the standard today it does not mean that it cannot be improved to meet lending standards tomorrow. It is not a matter of if  you can qualify for a home, it is only a matter of when you can qualify. The author’s mission is to change the average consumer’s perception of credit. Credit is not bad, credit is not a mystery, credit is nothing more than a financial tool that when leveraged correctly can open the doors to many of your dreams.

“The credit system was rigged from the beginning to hold you back. The people that designed credit reporting and scoring never intended for the average consumer to ever understand how it worked. That is precisely why I wrote this book. I want to level the playing field. With the information that is in this book you will be able to master the credit game and become a homeowner.” Thomas J. Few, Sr.

Ohio Property Squad LLC is a firm that specializes in financial education and game planning aimed at assisting buyers with navigating the maze of personal finances, credit, and home ownership.

For further information on the book, please visit www.ohiopropertysquad.com or see the book description at https://bit.ly/masterthecreditgame

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Contact Person:Thomas Few
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