New York NY – Greco Neyland PC, a growing provider of legal services based in New ‘York is today pleased to announce that they are expanding their practice by specializing in the public lewdness law. Due to a recent surge in allegations made against clients, the owners of the company decided that it was a priority that they expanded their practice to incorporate a public lewdness department. They aim to become known as the specialist NYC Public Lewdness Lawyer.

Being arrested for any criminal offense can spell disaster even if the accused is eventually found to be not guilty, but being arrested for public lewdness can have potential long-term consequences. Regardless of guilt or innocence, it can cause stress in, or the breakup of a marriage, irrevocably destroy a reputation and end a career. That is why anyone who is accused of such an offense needs to have an attorney who has experience and knowledge in this area.

“Although our company deals with a wide variety of different legal matters, the stress and embarrassment of public lewdness offenses often place the accused under significant pressure and stress,” said Jeff Greco of Greco Neyland, PC. “In much the same way that a case of fraud requires a lawyer with expertise in that field, the same applies to anyone accused of public lewdness. We have noticed an increase in both inquiries and instructions from people accused of these, and so we decided to develop a public lewdness section. If anyone is arrested for this type of offense, our advice would be to say nothing to the police and contact a member of our team as quickly as possible.”

Greyo Neyland.PC is a locally owned and operated Criminal attorney office based in New York. They specialize in criminal DWI, Public Lewdness and Federal Criminal law. They are thorough and focused on delivering the best possible defense for every client they represent. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

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