Roanoke VA – Gary A. Roach, DDS and Jonathan Lubeck, DMD two of the leading dentists in Roanoke are delighted to announce that inquiries and bookings for cosmetic surgery have increased drastically in the last couple of months. They believe that this is due in part to customers making new year’s resolutions, to improve their fitness, health and appearance. Unlike most resolutions getting a new smile is a resolution that will last a lifetime.

When a person has problems with their teeth, it affects their self-confidence. When their teeth are restored to a bright white smile, it can change a person’s whole outlook on just about everything, and people are becoming increasingly confident about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry can remove stains on teeth caused by years of smoking or drinking dark beverages. Braces, including discrete braces that no one will see, can straighten misaligned teeth, and in the majority of cases can be removed quickly and easily at mealtimes.

“If you are not happy with the way your teeth look, and how your smile appears, you can do something about it,” Dr. Lubeck said. “Cosmetic dentistry has made amazing advances. It is far more than just whitening teeth.”

The Roanoke dentists clinic also offers implants. These artificial teeth take the place of missing, broken or teeth that are too damaged to repair. The implants are shaped, colored and designed to mimic the appearance of a person’s natural teeth.

Accidents happen. Teeth get knocked loose. Sometimes, no matter how much care you give your teeth, one has to come out. If that happens, dental implants can replace the missing tooth. Tooth implants do require the person to have a strong immune system and good bone structure in the jaw. Implants are a lot like your natural teeth. The more care you give them, the longer they will last. Tooth implants need to be cared for in exactly the same way at natural teeth, meaning they need to be brushed and flossed and mouthwash should be used daily.

A smile is one of the first things people notice about someone. A person with a bright smile and a happy look is immediately seen as more inviting and welcoming. It really does make a difference in how people react to you, which is why all of the staff work so hard to deliver the results their patients love.

For more information about getting a new smile for the new year, visit Gary A. Roach, DDS and Jonathan Lubeck, DMD

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