Randolph NJ – JM Lifestyles, the innovative forward thinking custom design and installation company and inventor of WoodForm Concrete®, is delighted to announce that they are working with restaurants across the county in a bid to improve sustainability.

Restaurants are always in a position of having to reinvent themselves, to ensure that they remain relevant in what is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Many restaurants choose to do this by redecorating which can be both time consuming, expensive and not particularly environmentally friendly.

The aim of the new initiative from JM Lifestyles is to highlight the many benefits of WoodForm Concrete®, not least of which are its flexibility and environmentally friendly composition. The company are convinced that with the right education process, restaurant owners can achieve their ambitions while at the same time minimize the damage to the environment.

“As the inventors of WoodForm Concrete®, we are confident of the many benefits it provides, particularly from an environmental aspect,” said Michelle Radley of JM Lifestyles. “We identified the huge number of restaurant renovations which are undertaken every year and knew that there was not only an opportunity to develop and grow our business, but in a way that was mutually beneficial to restaurant owners as well. Once they are introduced to all of the benefits of WoodForm Concrete®, they quickly realize the potential of the product both to the business and the environment. We are confident that our education program will be a huge success, and continue the growth our company has experienced over the last couple of years.”

JM Lifestyles is a locally owned and operated concrete design company based in Randolph NJ. They are a group of talented and innovative designers with the capacity to bring any design to life. Their driving passion is to problem solve with concrete using sustainable building solutions. For more information about the company, and the services they provide visit their website at https://jmlifestyles.com/

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