Leeds UK – EmploymentSolicitorsLeeds.com, are pleased to announce that it has now launched and is open for business. The company, which is based in Leeds, United Kingdom, will be dealing with any employment-related legal issues, including but not limited to discrimination and dismissal claims, Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE), Unfair dismissal, and employment law matters.

When it comes to employment law, there is a myriad of different issues and problems that can arise, and the worst thing to do in these situations either as an employer or an employee is to leave something to fester. Legal issues that are not dealt with quickly can rapidly turn into a much more significant problem, further down the line.

“Although we are a new company, our employees bring with them many years of experience and knowledge within the employment law field,” said Craig McCracken of EmploymentSolicitorsLeeds.com. “We have built a team of hard-working, determined individuals who will leave no stone unturned in their fight for justice for our clients. We are confident that we can quickly establish ourselves as one of the leading companies in this sector and look forward to growing and expanding our geographical coverage in the future.”

EmploymentSolicitorsLeeds.com is a forward-thinking modern company, who is determined to utilize the internet and be easily accessible to their clients. In order to make this objective a reality, in addition to the new website, the company can also visit their Twitter page or their Facebook Page.

Employment Law Solicitors Leeds is a locally owned and operated company, based in Leeds. The business works with its clients to find the best possible resolutions to employment-related issues quickly and effectively. Irrespective of what issues their clients are facing. Their experienced team will almost certainly be able to help any client as they will have handled similar situations/problems before. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at https://www.employmentsolicitorsleeds.com

Company Name:Employment Solicitors Leeds
Contact Person:Craig McCracken
Address:32 Park Cross Street
City: Leeds
State:West Yorkshire