Mykonos Greece – The Mykonos Greece real estate market, is showing significant signs of recovery in recent months, driven predominantly by an increase in tourism, and home-sharing practices. This is according to recently released findings from the Bank of Greece.

The Bank of Greece report emphasizes the important role of tourism as a driving force of the Greek economy. The report goes on to says that a steady stream of tourism dollars attracts large investments which lead to property owners upgraded properties which contribute to the steady improvement of Greece’s real estate market.

Mykonos Greek real estate agent, Angelo Palkogiannis of Mykonos Estates said, “Property prices all across Greece are rising at quite a fast pace, with the Casa del Mar Mykonos region becoming particularly popular.”

“Tourism has always been significant in the Greek economy. It drives demand for improved accommodations, which ultimately leads to an increased standard of real estate in general across the entire country.”

Real estate markets in every part of the world have an important bearing on macroeconomic developments and financial stability. Systematically monitoring real estate market developments and prospects are important for both a comprehensive analysis of the macroeconomic conditions and prospects of the Greek economy. To this end, the Bank of Greece (  compiles real estate price indices by using primary data/estimates about values and quality features of both residential and commercial properties.

Another significant factor in the up tick in real estate activity has been the Greek government’s gold visa program which was devised to encourage outside investment, providing gold visas to foreign nationals prepared to invest 250,000 euros in bonds or shares. The program comes within the framework of Greece’s participation in the Silk Road initiative and aims to tap into the Chinese market and attract investment from China.

According to data published by the Bank of Greece, for the period of January to September 2018, apartment prices rose by an average of 1.3 percent, directly in contrast with a 1.2 percent decline in the same period 2017.

According to Palkogiannis, “With high-quality properties, beautiful scenery and virtually guaranteed weather, Mykonos is a prime destination, and if anything, the demand for property is only likely to increase in the short to medium term.”


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