Washington UTAH – The Innovative base comes complete with mattress, that adjusts the user from a vertical position to horizontal position, back to a vertical position. The My Med Bed sleep to stand bed is for those who suffer from physical limitations making it difficult to get up and out of bed without assistance. My Med Bed provides an affordable alternative to the much higher priced hospital beds.

Mymedbed.com, a leading provider of mobility solutions based in Washington, Utah, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest new product, designed to help people with senior issues avoid falls. It is a well-known fact that as humans age, the potential risk of them falling increases significantly, and the subsequential injuries can lead to death.

While it is not possible to totally eradicate the chances of falling over, the new product has been developed to assist with situations where a fall is more likely, specifically getting out of bed or getting up from a chair.

The product is a Lift Chair to help people get upright on their own while also transforming into a single bed that helps you stand up or recline to a fully horizontal position for a great nights sleep.  Also available in a side-by-side option comparable to a split King, or available in twin XL’s, offering the split California King with additional length for taller individuals. The product offers the user unlimited positions ideal for different times of the day. First, it goes perfectly flat, providing a comfortable and spacious bed to sleep throughout the night. Then it transforms into a sit-up bed, ideal for watching TV and resting. A chair position is another option for crafting, playing cards, or eating. And ultimately, with another command on the handheld remote the foundation mattress combo pushes the user up, assisting them to stand up with ease without the assistance of others.

“The All-in-One Bed has taken many years to develop, but we are particularly proud of the final product,” said Mark Maxon of My Med Bed. “We are confident that it will transform the lives of anyone who uses it while keeping them safe and supported at all times. With total flexibility and enhanced comfort, the All-in-One Bed sets new standards of comfort, support, safety, and of course, peace of mind.”

MyMedBed is a locally owned and operated company that offers the most current solutions for consumer market home health care. They focus on innovation, quality, and solutions to help people retain independence as they age. For more information about the company and its products, visit their website at https://mymedbed.com

Company Name:My Med Bed
Contact Person:Mark Maxon
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