Mobile ALMaids à la Mode of Mobile, a locally owned and operated house cleaning company, based in Mobile Alabama, is proud to announce that they are following all CDC and EPA guidelines, ensuring that their client’s homes are properly sanitized.

The company, which has an excellent reputation locally and online as witnessed by the hundreds of positive reviews online, quickly realized how serious COVID 19 was likely to be, and as a cleaning company was determined to do everything possible to protect both their staff and clients.

The first thing they did was complete extensive research to ensure that they were fully aware of all of the facts and recommendations on how to disinfect a home correctly in regards to Coronavirus. Once in possession of this knowledge, the leading provider of house cleaning services in Mobile Alabama, then devised a compulsory training package for all of their staff. The training included the use of EPA approved disinfectants for use against the novel Coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19.

The team from Maids à la Mode of Mobile will clean countertops, bathroom surfaces, doorknobs, sink faucets. In addition, they will also disinfect high-touch areas such as TV remote controls, light switches, and toilet handles. While in the client’s home, the cleaners will wear disposable nitrile gloves that will be disposed of properly at the end of every job. In addition, the cleaners will sanitize their hands before entering any property, once inside the home, and before leaving the property. Any microfibre cloths are always cleaned and sanitized daily, and never used in more than one home.

A locally owned and operated company, Maids à la Mode of Mobile, use powerful plant-based cleaners that are tough on dirt but easy on the environment. The company ensures that every client will get a locally-owned pet, people, and eco-friendly option for professional cleaning services in Mobile Bay and the surrounding areas. The service can be booked online easily and securely, and customers benefit from transparent, flat-rate pricing. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

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