— Mitchell Nachtigal Law is proud to announce the expansion of its legal services to the Southlake, TX area. This expansion will allow the law firm to provide quality legal services to an even wider range of clients. As a full-service real estate firm, Mitchell Nachtigal Law is equipped to handle all real estate needs. With more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mitchell Nachtigal Law is committed to providing quality legal services at an affordable price. “We are excited to expand our services to the Southlake community,” said Julia Mitchell, managing partner of Mitchell Nachtigal Law firm. “This is a natural extension of our firm’s growth and commitment to providing the very best legal services to our clients.” Attorney Julia Mitchell has a wealth of experience in real estate law, and she looks forward to helping homeowners and businesses in the Southlake community protect their interests.

Southlake is a rapidly growing city where many people are relocating from out of state. As the city continues to grow, so does the demand for quality legal services. Real estate investors and developers are especially active in the Southlake area, making it a prime market for Mitchell Nachtigal Law. Additionally, lending institutions and homeowner associations can be found in abundance throughout Southlake. These organizations rely on the experience and expertise of a real estate lawyer in Southlake who can help with buying property, HOA issues, and other important legal matters. This is where Mitchell Nachtigal Law comes in—to provide the very best legal services to clients in Southlake, TX.

Mitchell Nachtigal Law is a local real estate law firm that will be an asset to the real-estate community and homeowners in Southlake, TX. Its managing partners, Julia Mitchell and Jennifer Nachtigal, have created a professional limited liability company that is in touch with the real estate community’s needs. Having been a licensed Texas Realtor, a multi-family residential manager, and a commercial real-estate developer and an owner, Julia’s passion for real estate is the driving force behind the firm’s success. The firm works with real estate professionals, investors, and lenders on cases and projects, ranging from the typical residential deal to extremely complex commercial deals. They are known throughout the industry for their dedication to business and real estate law. They also pride themselves on going above and beyond their peers for their clients.

For more information about Mitchell Nachtigal Law and its expansion to Southlake, TX, please visit its website at https://www.m-nlegal.com/.

Company Name:Mitchell Nachtigal Law
Contact Person:Julia Mitchell
Phone:682) 738-3213
Address:4001 Gateway Dr #200
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