Sugar Land TXPolygon HQ Physical Therapy Sugar Land, a multi-use healthcare development complex is today warning carers and family members about how a change in Medicare policies is having a dramatic effect on the treatment being delivered to patients.

The Sugar Land physical therapist company is so concerned about the effects of this change that it felt it had to publicize the change so that patients and their families are aware of the situation. The change which is targeted at nursing homes has resulted in patients receiving less physical therapy time and therefore treatment, with an emphasis on group and concurrent therapy rather than individual treatment which has long since been the norm.

It is important to understand that the main aim of physical therapy for patients entering a nursing home is to help them regain mobility and the ability to perform daily tasks. If the treatment is successful then those patients will be able in the majority of cases to safely return home.

Under the old system, Medicare paid out to the nursing homes according to the number of minutes each patient received up to a maximum of 720 minutes per week. Federal investigations, and advisors have repeatedly reported that nursing homes provided the maximum treatment permitted regardless of any medical need or benefit to the patient. In other words the nursing homes saw physical therapy as a way to maximize their profit.

Under the new system which is referred to as the Patient-Driven Payment Model, facilities are now paid according to the patients diagnosis and characteristics. Although the change in policy is understandable, the team at Polygon HQ is concerned that nursing homes no longer incentivized to deliver as many treatments as possible, will and indeed are moving to a group model, where patients are seen in groups rather than individually. This means that the number of physical therapists is reduced and therefore the cost to the nursing home.

“As a leading provider of physical therapy with many years of experience in the field, we are convinced that one on one physical therapy treatment is much more targeted and in the long run delivers better results,” said Parth Shah. “Unfortunately, in our opinion due to the change in policy from Medicare, nursing homes are choosing alternative methods of treatment which we do not believe will be as beneficial to patients, which should always be our number one priority.”

Polygon HQ Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center in Sugar Land TX is a multi-use healthcare development complex where community collaboration is the center of everything they do. Their services are designed  to improve or remove back pain, sciatica, hip pain, knee pain, leg pain, foot or feet pain, ankle pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, vertigo & dizziness, and aid to sports injuries. The purpose of this health and wellness hub is to provide a uniquely tailored approach that takes both conventional and unconventional methods to support the fastest way of healing and recovery. The system speaks about the cohesiveness of creating the common ground for development which is intended to promote the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of its users.


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