Sandy UT – Super Dirt News, a quirky and hilarious media company with their finger on the cutting edge of comedy, is delighted to announce the launch of their Super Dirt News podcast. The new podcast, which will be released regularly, is designed to lift the lid of superheroes’ real lives, keeping them honest and bringing listeners all the real dirt on superheroes’ secret lives. People can subscribe to the podcast via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or anywhere else they usually receive their podcasts.

Everyone believes that superheroes are perfect, never putting a foot wrong, and setting the world to rights, but what happens when the cape comes off? Nobody, not even Super Heros, can be perfect all the time. The podcast reporters consistently do their research to deliver all the juicy gossip that the superheroes don’t want people to know. The reporters are taking a huge risk to reveal this information; after all, it is not an excellent strategy to make an enemy of a Superhero, but they are determined to deliver the truth, week after week, and refuse to be deterred.

“The reality is that these Superheroes set themselves up on a pedestal, basking in the adoration of their public, but believe me Batman, Spiderman and all the rest of them have dirty little secrets in their closet,” said Bobby Baxter editor in chief of Super Dirt News. “We have dug deeper than anyone ever has before to help our listeners get the dirt on Superheroes; we are not afraid to expose their heroes and divulge all of their nasty little secrets. The podcast will be funny, fast-paced, and will blow many people’s minds. Be warned, if you are interested in Superheroes and who isn’t? Then, these podcasts will blow your mind.”

Super Dirt is a locally owned and operated Earth One company dedicated to providing its listeners with all of the latest news that other publishers are too scared to release. They are prepared to take on the Superheroes and are focused on keeping them honest. They believe that Integrity is what people do when they think no one is watching, but the reality is that Super Dirt is always watching. You never know if Mr. IM (the invisible man) is watching. They aim to report on Super’s activities regardless of their actions or what the consequences may be. Super Dirt will unearth and publish the stories across the universes, so listeners know precisely what their Supers are up to when they’re off the clock. For more information about the company, and to report any sneaky secrets about Superheroes visit the website at

Company Name:Super Dirt News
Contact Person:Bobby Glen James
Phone:(801) 230-3689
Address: Miller Campus Suite #322
Country:United States