HIP Creative, an acknowledged leader in orthodontic marketing, is delighted to announce that demand for their services has grown exponentially over the last quarter. The company specializes in delivering pre-qualified leads for orthodontists and helping them grow their orthodontic business through proven digital marketing strategies.

As with many other industries, the orthodontic industry was severely impacted by government COVID restrictions, and as a consequence, many orthodontists are investigating and investing in strategies to replace and increase that lost income. HIP Creative is receiving an increased volume of inquiries on a daily basis, many of which are then turning into long-term customers.

“2021 has been an excellent year for our company, and the potential for further growth is virtually unlimited,” said Justin Hual, owner and founder of HIP Creative. “The orthodontic sector requires specialist knowledge and marketing expertise, and HIP Creative have now established their reputation as an innovative digital orthodontic marketing company. About 80 percent of the new inquiries and subsequent business we receive come via personal referral from our previous clients, which in our opinion, is the biggest compliment we could receive. We look forward to the rest of 2021 and beyond, and we help our partners to grow their business substantially and sustainably.”

HIP Creative is built to win. Their team of expert consultants, creatives, marketing professionals, and engineers work alongside healthcare and medical practices to build sustainable and profitable businesses. They are driven by a love of helping each individual client fulfil their authentic purpose while building the practice of their dreams. HIP Creative believes in a strong and caring team that works hand-in-hand with clients who value long-term and sustainable growth. They firmly believe in the value of their powerful tools, hands-on training, and their tried and true framework that allows their clients to provide top-notch care and impeccable service and profitability. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at https://hip.agency/

Company Name:HIP Creative
Contact Person:Luke Infinger
Phone: 833.975.2506
City: Pensacola
Country:United States