FORT WORTH, TX – Moon and Owl Marketing have published an article on natural language processing and its connection to search engine optimization.  National language processing, or NLP, is a vital consideration when optimizing a webpage for the search engines. The article offers non-technical readers an introduction to natural language processing, offering easy-to-understand examples of how the machine learning process works.

With newer capabilities for machine learning called BERT and ELMo,  search engines like Google can now compile the common phrases on a website tying them to defined entities, to better understand a specific webpage’s topic and intent.

Practical insights on how to leverage NLP for a search advantage through a process called page tuning are also explained.

“This is an exciting time to be in SEO,” says Moon and Owl President Jordan Fowler. “The shift to entity-based search will really shake things up in the search marketing industry. Companies and agencies who ignore this shift will soon be left behind or scrambling to catch up.”

The Fort Worth marketing agency prides itself on staying abreast of emerging Google patents and algorithm shifts. By using natural language processing, structured data, and entity disambiguation, Moon and Owl remains on the cusp of developing SEO strategies.

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