As schools, businesses, and manufacturing facilities start to reopen their doors, they face the unprecedented challenge of doing so as safely as possible. South Jersey-based lead gen firm VSA Prospecting is leveraging its deep relationships and wide experience in the healthcare industry in order to help.

“As excited as they are to reopen, many facilities who plan to do so are operating from a place of uncertainty,” says Valerie Schlitt, VSA’s founder and CEO. “From properly sanitizing their facilities to testing their employees to creating improved digital interfaces, there’s a lot to do, and a need to do it very quickly.”

Ms. Schlitt sees these tasks as fitting into four categories: ensuring the business can open safely, ensuring it will be able to stay open, managing and reestablishing supply chains, and implementing the right systems to ensure better preparedness should COVID cases resurge.

As a company specializing in health care lead generation, VSA has been able to partner with several of its clients to address this multitude of health and safety concerns. Instead of their typical cold-calling campaigns, VSA and its partners have designed custom outreach programs offering everything from basic supplies (such as hand sanitizer and N95 face masks) to services such as onsite employee testing and regular deep cleaning.

Across all of these programs, VSA is contributing to the economic recovery by helping clients reposition their offerings to address the reality of this frantic moment.

“Out of everything that’s happened in this pandemic,” Ms. Schlitt observes, “large facilities whose business model requires them to stay open have been some of the hardest hit. Because of our healthcare specialization, VSA is uniquely positioned not just to help these companies reopen, but to prepare them for whatever is to come.”


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