For two decades, lead gen firm VSA Prospecting has built its reputation on setting qualified sales appointments for companies offering complex goods or services. While this line of business continues to be strong, the Philadelphia area-based firm is now going one step further to help clients recover from a pandemic-racked 2020.

For months, the firm has been retraining employees, gaining compliance credentials, and building partnerships with key public health experts and technology vendors in order to help HR and Operations teams comply with state guidelines for bringing employees back to work safely. VSA’s goal has been to develop full-service contact tracing and case monitoring services for large companies and institutions, offering daily health checks, skilled teams to provide instructions on quarantine, and necessary resources for collecting return-to-work paperwork.

Now, the firm is announcing an integration with the open-source Sara Alert™ code initially developed by the not-for-profit organization The MITRE Corporation to allow public health departments to effectively monitor and track COVID-19 cases. VSA is one of the private companies granted a trademark license to the code.

“Since the early days of the pandemic, VSA has believed that we have a real role to play in helping companies across the country to both generate new business and bring their employees back to work safely and productively,” explains Valerie Schlitt, VSA’s president and CEO. “Combined with the excellent communication and follow-up skills of our calling teams, the Sara Alert platform will help us provide the highest level of support to our clients.”

In addition to lead generation, VSA has frequently provided other call center services, including market surveys, current customer outreach, event registration, and even inbound campaigns. Last month, the firm officially kicked off their back-to-work services in partnership with a local, New Jersey-based equipment distributor on a pilot project.

“Over the years, we’ve found that the expertise and skillsets of VSA’s team can be tailored to fit many types of projects,” reflects Ms. Schlitt. “Whatever the need is in the market, if there are synergies to be applied, we’re there. We’re excited to be so well-positioned to help the economy recover and thrive.”

Company Name:VSA Prospecting
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