Kildeer Foundations Chiropractic and Well-necessities , a local chiropractic clinic, is warning people of the dangers of building up exercise too quickly. Injuries are most likely to happen when someone increases their physical activity by too large of a margin, especially in the new year when many people are setting resolutions to get fit. To avoid this, the local Chiropractor in Kildeer is advising people to be aware of what they’re doing and not try anything new on their own outside of the supervision of an instructor with experience working with them. New Year’s resolutions should be made to be kept, not broken. This enthusiasm for getting fit may cause people to ignore the bodies warning systems, resulting in back injuries.

Dr. Vartan Chakalian, owner and founder of Foundations Chiropractic & Well-necessities , warned local residents to be mindful about their resolutions and not start off with too much exercise right away, or else they may risk injury from overuse or strain. “If you’re stopping by the gym in the next few weeks, make sure to talk to an instructor beforehand and be careful when pushing yourself. Don’t feel pressured to push too hard the first time around. The human body will let you know what it can take and when it’s had too much. If an injury occurs, take care of it immediately by seeking medical help from a chiropractor.”

For people with back injuries or other pain, chiropractic care is a great way to help the body recover. It will also teach them how to prevent injuries in the future and help them feel great all over. Foundations Chiropractic & Well-necessities Palatine is here to help people not only recover from injury but also to prevent injury in the first place.

Their services are affordable, and they even accept insurance to make it more accessible for people. They specialize in the following:
Neck and Back Pain
Shoulder and Hip Pain
Digestive Issues
Prenatal Care
Infant Colic & Bedwetting
Carpal Tunnel
Sciatica/Disc Herniation
Sleep Problems
Scoliosis/Posture Correction

For most people, New Years Resolutions are all about focusing on the things that need work. Knowing how far you should push yourself in your workouts is important for avoiding pain and injuries that could sideline you from your goals. Foundations Chiropractic & Well-necessities can help give patients an individualized wellness plan that fits into their lives without being overwhelming or stressful. Their licensed health coach will work with nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, and other lifestyle factors to make sure that everything is working together instead of against each other – helping ensure long-term success rather than short-term gains followed by relapse.

For interested patients, Foundations Chiropractic & Well-necessities is offering a heavily discounted New Patient promotion which includes digital X-rays, typically costing $200 in value. They pride themselves on being affordable and working with patients from all walks of life, offering established plans that work with patients’ budgets and doctors visits as often as needed until they feel better.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more, visit their website at or give them a call today at (847) 512-3963

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