Mexico – CURP Clave is an innovative and data-driven tool transforming how big businesses are marketing to the Mexican population. The system is based upon the unique way in which Mexico registers its population. Every individual is provided with a unique population registration key in what is widely regarded as one of the most sophisticated systems in the world today. Once a company has access to that key and can crack the code, they are then in a position to target specific demographics, age groups, or virtually any other niche. 


Although the password system might appear to be a very simple process, due to the sheer volume of numbers, there is a relatively high level of complexity and barriers that must be succumbed in order to be able to identify any one individual efficiently. However, once the code has been cracked, it is possible to tell the age, the place of birth and a range of other information within a matter of seconds. 


Organizations that are in charge of identifying and carrying out population censuses, which in turn is very important information for carrying out market studies or simply population censuses that allow the country to make an important decision regarding the construction of infrastructure and health services.

With the launch of the CURP program, a company can target a precise sector of the Mexican market. The CURP will tell a company practically anything about the person or the population census which they want to attack. Increasingly, any business operating in Mexico needs to understand how the CURP code works thoroughly. There is no identical CURP code elsewhere in the republic. If any company wants to know more information about the CURP key, they can undertake a more exhaustive investigation by visiting


The history of the CURP code has its origins in past government administrations with the purpose and firm objective that Mexicans could complete government procedures that previously took hours or days. The theory was that by using the CURP code, businesses or individuals could complete the tasks in minutes. Additional benefits included accurate, precise, and rapid identification of any individual. The system is not only a key that serves the purpose of obtaining data and information that can serve an electoral campaign, but it can also be used to carry out market studies that allow entering a population sector to be able to launch a product or service to the market. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

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