Grand Rapids, MI – Dr. Matthew Phinney, owner, and founder of The Chiropractic Doctors, is pleased to announce that there has been a significant increase in the number of people seeking out non-surgical solutions for their back pain issues. For many years, the de facto solution in the general public’s eyes when trying to relieve their back problems was to undergo expensive, painful, and invasive surgical procedures. These surgeries also required an extended recovery time, time off work, with the added risk of infection, anesthesia, and painkiller addiction.

For many people, there is also the worry of taking extended periods of time away from work when businesses are struggling to recover following the pandemic restrictions. Dr. Phinney has spoken to and treated hundreds of patients during his time as a Chiropractor. He has identified an increasing awareness among the general public of the benefits of Chiropractic treatment.

“Surgery is no longer the obvious choice for many of our patients, who are actively seeking alternative solutions,” said Dr. Matthew Phinney of The Chiropractic Doctors. “We are receiving a dramatic increase in the number of inquiries and subsequent bookings from people who have conducted their research and concluded that they would prefer to try Chiropractic treatment in the first instance. Having seen the benefits of Chiropractic treatments ourselves, we are thrilled that the perception of this type of treatment is changing, and we are very excited about the future. Although surgery has its place in certain circumstances, we believe that it should be viewed as a last resort rather than the first option.”

The Chiropractic Doctors have been serving the greater Grand Rapids area for over 35 years. Dr. Matthew Phinney, Grand Rapids Chiropractor, is proud to be able to bring The Chiropractic Doctors to the Cascade area in Grand Rapids. The new location is a fully renovated 2000 square foot facility, updated with modern aesthetics, state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology, and premier clinic & rehabilitation facilities including massage, spinal decompression, and fitness/nutrition counseling. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

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