Kansas City, Missouri – redbox+, a leading provider of Dumpster Rental in Kansas City Northland, is delighted to announce that demand for their services is at an all-time high, fuelled in part by homeowners choosing to remodel their properties. Having spoken to hundreds of customers, the main driving force to remodel homes appears to be due to the increased time people have spent there due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Many homeowners have really begun to appreciate their properties which previously they may have taken for granted, and as a consequence, they have decided to invest further in their properties adding a few luxurious touches. This, in turn, has generated demand for dumpster rentals, and if anything, this demand is increasing.

As the biggest company offering Dumpster Rental in Kansas City Northland, this is an exciting time for redbox+. The management team is even investigating options regarding increasing the number of dumpster trucks in their fleet to cope with the demand.

Many people are happy with the location of their current property and do not want to go through the hassle, drama, and stress of moving home, which is why a home remodel is such an attractive proposition. There is also a serious concern about the strength of the economy once the pandemic is finally over, which is another factor why homeowners are choosing remodeling over moving.

rebox+ is a locally owned and operated company supplying dumpster rental in Kansas City, Northland. The redbox+ team of Kansas City is proud to provide a premier roll-off container solution. With their unique U.S. Patented, one-of-kind roll-off container combo, customers know that they will have everything they need for every project. For more information about the company and what they can do for your business, visit their website at https://www.redboxplus.com/kansas-city-northland/

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