— Ben Dominguez Law Firm, a locally owned and operated company that specializes in dealing with personal injury accidents, is reporting that they have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of personal injury accident cases they are dealing with. During the pandemic, the volume of inquiries and confirmed cases dropped significantly, thanks in part to the fact that the vast majority of residents were forced to remain at home due to the government’s efforts to contain the spread of the pandemic.

With fewer vehicles and pedestrians on the road, the potential for accidents was slashed, but although the pandemic is far from over, the volume of traffic on the road has now returned to pre-pandemic levels, and as a consequence, unfortunately, so have the number of personal injury accidents.

“A personal injury sustained as a result of a motor vehicle accident can, unfortunately, be life-changing, which is why we work so diligently to deliver justice and the maximum financial compensation for our clients,” said Ben Dominguez, owner and founder of the Ben Dominguez Law Firm. “During the pandemic, the volume of cases we were dealing with dropped significantly, although the severity of those cases rose. In our opinion, this was because there was less traffic on the roads, which meant that the average speed vehicles were traveling at was much faster. As the city returns to normality, the volume of traffic and accidents is returning to pre-pandemic levels. Our personal injury lawyers team is now working extremely hard to deal with the increased volume, and we might even have to consider an increase in staff to cope with the demand.”

Ben Dominguez Law Firm is a locally owned and operated law firm based in Houston, Texas. Ben Dominguez, the owner and founder of the company, has appeared in front of the Texas House and Senate Committees to speak about pending legislation, was a guest on the Texas House Floor for the Governor’s State of the State Address, written the script for a TV commercial for the winning gubernatorial candidate in a governor’s race. Mr. Dominguez has also appeared in industrial commercials filmed in NASA for presentation to the United States Congress. For more information about the company and the cases the company represents, visit their website at https://bendominguez.com/

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