Louisville KY – redbox+ Dumpster Rentals Louisville, one of the largest providers of Dumpster rental in Greater Louisville, KY, is delighted to announce that demand for dumpster rental in Greater Louisville is at an all-time high. Apart from the traditional spring clean that many homeowners undertake every year, the primary driving force behind the demand appears to be a dramatic rise in the popularity of home remodeling.

The global pandemic has changed the way in which many people live their lives, with working from home becoming the new norm for many industries. Even though the pandemic appears to be finally coming to an end, many homeowners have reflected upon their current lifestyle and decided that now Is the time to invest in some home remodeling. The house has become a home, a home office, and a place where people are spending and will continue to spend considerably more of their time, and as a consequence, they want to implement as many upgrades to their property as possible. This remodeling work generates a lot of rubble and debris, which is why there has been such an increase in demand for dumpster rental in Greater Louisville, KY.

Having spoken to hundreds of customers over the last year who are booking dumpster rental in Greater Louisville, KY, the decision to remodel as opposed to moving home was driven by a fear for the strength of the economy post-pandemic. Homeowners are deciding that it a more astute decision to renovate rather than move and infinitely less stress and hassle.

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