Laguna Hills CA – Realtors and landlords breathed a sigh of relief this month as the controversial Proposition 10 was defeated. Local authorities have been frantically searching for a solution to the housing crisis with many low to medium income workers struggling to be able to afford ever-increasing rents in certain areas across the country.

Under Proposition 10 cities or other local jurisdictions would have gained the power to be able to set rental prices, effectively controlling the amount of money that a landlord could charge. Removing that critical aspect of the rental business from a landlord could have caused many landlords to consider exiting the market, which in turn could have flooded the value of properties for sale. Supply could have seriously exceeded demand.

Integrated Realty is a very successful real estate company based in Laguna Hills California, who have established a reputation with local landlords, for being their realtor of choice. With many positive reviews, Integrated Realty is the company that many landlords go to for advice and support in the real estate market.

“We always have a large quantity of top-quality homes for sale in Laguna Hills and the surrounding areas,” said Grant Gerhart, managing broker for Integrated Realty. “In recent months, we were contacted by many of our regular customers who were very concerned about the short and long-term effect of Proposition 10 on the value of their properties. They feared that by removing their ability to raise rental prices in the future, many property landlords would decide to leave the industry, and put their properties on the market. If this was to happen en mass, then potentially the value of properties could plummet, costing many landlords a lot of money. Now that voters have rejected this option, Laguna Hills property owners no longer have to worry about this scenario.”

Integrated Realty Group is a specialized Laguna Hills real estate broker – They handle, not only residential, but commercial, industrial, agricultural, and other specialty types of real estate. Their company and website is a one-stop shop for all local real estate needs. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

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