GALVESTON, TX – Hales Speed Shop, a well-known clothing brand specializing in shirts, flannels, and other items, has recently unveiled its new Pier 21 Collection. The collection, inspired by the breathtaking sunsets at the historic Pier 21 in Galveston, Texas, holds a unique connection to breast cancer awareness.

The Pier 21 Collection’s colorway and pattern are meticulously designed to capture the exact hues of actual sunset photos from the Pier. The collection’s pink flannel has particularly garnered attention for its potential to raise awareness for breast cancer.

In an unexpected twist, a local rodeo rider and member of the World Senior Professional Bull Riders Association (WSPBR), Sammy Meche, approached Hales Speed Shop with a special request. Meche, who often wears colored shirts symbolizing tributes to cancer, military, and first responders, expressed his desire to wear the pink Pier 21 flannel during a rodeo event.

Hales Speed Shop was more than happy to support Meche’s cause, providing him with the pink flannel free of charge. “It’s amazing how a single color can represent something that affects us all worldwide,” Meche shared. “If just seeing that color can remind one or many to lift their hopes and prayers for those in need, then I’ve accomplished my goal.”

Hales Speed Shop is proud to be part of this initiative, demonstrating that fashion can indeed play a part in raising awareness and supporting meaningful causes.

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Hales Speed Shop is a Texas-based clothing brand that offers a wide array of shirts, flannels, and other items. Known for its unique designs and high-quality products, Hales Speed Shop is committed to positively impacting the community, one garment at a time.

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