Greenville SC – Greenville Brain Training are delighted to announce that they are now able to offer Photobiomodulation treatment for any patient who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. The revolutionary treatment involves using low level visible red to near infrared light, to improve tissue repair, reduce pain, and inflammation in the areas where the treatment is targeted.

Studies have shown that the treatment can have a positive effect on patients suffering from this debilitating disease, which is why the company are so excited to launch it as part of their Alzheimer’s Therapy in Greenville.

As the name of the company implies, Greenville Brain Training is focused on helping patients who have suffered or may be dealing with issues of the brain and so apart from Alzheimer’s they regularly treat patients with Dementia in Greenville.

Not all of the work that the Greenville Brain Training undertakes is for such serious issues as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. A large part of their business involves providing Neurofeedback, which is a computer-based technology that helps to train the brain, in things such as concentration, or focus. It has also been described as recalibrating the brain, and it has proven very popular with the patients who attend Greenfield Brain Training.

“We are very excited to be able to bring Photobiomodulation for Alzheimer’s Therapy to Greenville and are looking forward to the benefits it will bring to any of our patients suffering from this horrible disease,” said Dr. JoJo Yonce of Greenville Brain Training. “Alzheimer’s is such a devastating and all-consuming disease that not only affects the patient but every member of the family as well. We are really hopeful that this new treatment will bring some joy and maybe hope to people affected by this disease.”

Greenville Brain Training offers a non-invasive, drug-free method, free of unwanted side effects, that many experts view just as effective as medication, and in some cases, even better. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

Company Name:Greenville Brain Training
Contact Person:Dr. JoJo Yonce
Address:1109 S Church St
State:South Carolina